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The task of choosing Customer Management software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Customer Management Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Customer Management Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Customer Management Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


I chose Survey Legend because it gives you the option to add images to your survey, for free! Especially when you ask lots of questions in your questionnaire, answering it might become a burden for your respondents. Thanks to Survey Legend, the respondents said that it was a 'funny, pleasant to look at' questionnaire, as opposed to the respondents to my paper version, who found the same questionnaire without images on paper...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 15 Jun 2017

CompanyHub CRM

We are using CompanyHub from last year. Its been really great and helpful in our process. CompanyHub Support team is really great and eager to understand and solve your problems.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017


I recently collaborated with Go4customer to avail their B2B telemarketing solutions. I must admit that the company has surpassed my expectation my offering a wide range of marketing solutions that helped me improve my revenue generation capability exponentially. I would recommend this firm to all those who aim to enhance their overall revenues conveniently.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 09 Jun 2017


This company is a scam. After being hounded and harassed by phones calls, constantly everyday, I took their call. The representative claimed he was from our credit card processing comp any, North American Bancard. He asked me to log into a website, MyBizPerks, so he could educate me on how to maneuver through this portal. I found it instantly fishy. He did however have information that only North American Bancard should...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Jun 2017

Preferred Patron Customer Loyalty

We have used this product for 9 years now across 75 sporting goods stores. Of all the vendors we have ever dealt with, Preferred Patron has been the most responsive! Our loyalty program has attracted 1.5 million members and has proven to be an invaluable component to our marketing portfolio. The best part is, the Preferred Patron system keeps evolving, to keep up with trends, so you never feel you need to find a more current...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017


Among other vendors that we considered, we chose bpm’online. With the help of bpm’online CRM we aligned the work of our marketing, sales and service teams and integrated data from different channels. The bpm’online system provided us with the convenient tool working with lead management . Now, our marketing team can track the complete customer journey. Also, reporting dashboards are powerful and visually appealing. We definitely...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 09 Feb 2017


I have been using REVE Chat's live chat software for almost 2 years and have noticed amazing improvement in my online sales conversion. Apart from customization and voice call, it also provides extensive information about the visitors through monitoring and history record that helps our support team customize their conversation as per the visitor's background. This is really a cost-effective customer support tool from REVE...

Last reviewed on Friday, 27 Jan 2017


A Commercial called to sell me the product. It was hard for him to understand the demand and need of our business, but after 30min he got the point, did not have an answer to it so instead asked a question : how many users? Then explained that under 50 users, we are not interesting for them. "We only support companies with thousands of users". I am currently wondering if they were very badly informed of if this agent had...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 26 Jan 2017


Great service that is extremely helpful, especially with staying up to date on clients, last contact and tasks etc. Has really helped to keep us moving forward and creating more business/sales for everyone here! Plus tons of great support and help anytime from the company itself! All questions are answered in a timely fashion!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016


Its a good CRM. Very easy to use and affordable. We like to see improvement to the layout editor however.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 13 Oct 2016


Salezshark has helped me drive my team performance to a whole new level. Metrics-based goals, notifications, reminders and work progress are all I can do whenever wherever with all ease. And it's going to be easier as the mobile app is launching soon. I am hence a happy and content customer of SalezShark.

Last reviewed on Monday, 22 Aug 2016


This is obviously a scam. They tried to get me for 500.00 until I realized the person I was on the phone with was the one that was hacking my computer in the first place.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016

NomNom Insights

We've been using NomNom for a while now, it has been great at helping us centralise all our customer feedback. Quantifying qualitative data became a lot easier, specially when trying to prfioritize work in our product roadmap.

Last reviewed on Friday, 01 Jul 2016

Less Annoying CRM

The CRM helps me keep track of customer contacts and conversations we've had and helps me not to be surrounded by bits of paper with scribbled notes on. The emailed daily agenda reminds me what's coming up for the day and includes appointments I've entered in the calendar on my phone. Importing all the contacts in my phone to the CRM was quite straightforward too. Fantastic tool for people like me who are multi-tasking beyond...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jan 2016


Perfect web site with daylong access to the services. Immediate homework and writing help. You can chat with the author personally and negotiate about specific tips you need for your enquiry.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016


A great company providing over-the-top services from cobrowsing to video chat and screen sharing. Easy to access and use.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 21 Jan 2016

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